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M.T. Rose
M.T. Rose

About the Author

"Adventurous... Expressive... a Social Gemini."
M.T. Rose excelled in creative writing at an early age. In 1999, she placed in the top 25% out of 6,000 entries in a state-wide oratorical contest; she performed an original scene in which she wrote that made it through two rounds of elimination as a beginner. Additionally, she received excellent recognition within the Optimist Club and Project XL. Rose's writing evolved with various forms of content writing including speeches. M.T. Rose was also honored with the ability to serve as the commencement speaker for her Infantry Regiment's graduation.

Becoming a published author in early 2018 was long overdue but an interestingly-achieved reality. M.T. Rose welcomes you to the opportunity for envisioning the future, fill in gaps of the past or present, portraying your own ideas and valued thoughts.

"There's nothing worse than wasting a reader's time as an author."

-M.T. Rose

Writing is More than just Words

Creative writing is more than words to M.T. Rose; it's an intimate insight into an individual's mind. Crafting a story that captivates the reader's attention, introducing the reader to characters in a way that visualization of the story takes place- that's the ultimate desire for the debut novel "Breaching the Surface; Book 1:

A Scout in Mimic Grounds Series."


 The freedom of writing allows one to express ideas when letting their sense of 'creative juices' flow especially when bringing life to their characters and creating storylines with the ambition to spark the reader's imagination. Welcoming the opportunity for the reader to envision the future or fill in gaps of the past or present, portraying a sense of one's own views and thoughts. 

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"Not your typical novel... a fascinating story packing plenty of action in less reading time!"

-Studio X D*V.A.S. LLC, Publisher 

Warning! For Mature Audience

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